It may appear easy to find an inmate in a government security facility; however, most of the time, it can be difficult, especially where you have little or zero information about their arrest. You may find it hard to know the jurisdiction they were tried at and the type of crime they were convicted for, making it even harder to find out which facility they might be housed in.

At Martincountysheriff.net, we seek to reduce the hassle of finding a friend or loved one, regardless of where they are being held in the U.S. We offer the platform to locate an inmate in any prison and security facility.

Apart from finding out why they were convicted, we also providing you with links to the jail they are incarcerated with inmate locator tools. This will help you search for the inmate at the specific jail they are held at.

Our Mission

It is common knowledge that the American jail system is broken, with reduced transparency where the inmate’s family and friends are subject to the facility’s discretion. Information is usually scarce, plus they never get to know how the inmate is fairing on their day to day lives while housed at prison facilities.

We seek to change that. We want to provide location information about inmates, provide more information about inmates, expose what happens behind closed doors, and collectively lobby against any injustices done to inmates.

Our mission is to provide Americans with an easy time acquiring information about their loved ones, whether they are incarcerated, why they were incarcerated, or where the sentencing took place.

Our Duty

We help correctional facilities ease the hassle attached to searching for inmates. Most prison facilities lack updated websites to search through, plus it also makes it quite hard for families and friends to get information regarding rules and regulations at the facility. We at martincountysheriff.net seek to change this by publishing information about prison facilities across the U.S on our website.

We also collect information from different credible sources, including current and previous inmates, statistics, and publications about inmates’ treatment. Besides collecting information, we also lend inmates a voice by providing a platform for them to speak on any injustices, which helps hold rogue prison officials accountable.

We do provide information as to what to expect once incarcerated. Most people fear prison, and rightly so; however, some information about what to expect will help you prepare mentally for what is to come.

How We Help to Find an Inmate

Apart from the crime, jurisdiction, and length of arrest, there are other factors that may determine which facility to be incarcerated in, including disability, mental illness, and substance abuse problems.

The more information you have, the easier it will be to locate an inmate. In case you have zero information about the individual incarcerated, we will provide you with a means of searching for them by providing details as to where you think they might be held. You will input either the State or facility you believe the inmate is held, and the platform will give you a link to that specific facility.

There you can carry out further searches to find the inmate in question.

Additionally, the inmate may be held in a detention facility or a city jail as they continue their trial. Most of these temporary holding facilities will not provide many avenues for a search of the inmate. If the inmate does not call you, your option may be to make several phone calls to several facilities looking for the inmate.

However, we have access to the Federal, State, County, City, and Municipal databases, which may help you find the inmate.

We stand for making it easier for the inmate’s friends and family to connect with their loved ones. We believe that what we do has a positive impact on society and the inmates’ rehabilitation process. Our dedication, combined with your efforts, will bear fruit, and you will find the inmate in question.