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Martin County Sheriff

Martin County Sheriff’s Office is situated in Shoals, Indiana.

Our strategic: serve and give a sheltered situation to all people in Martin County and guarantee the personal satisfaction for all through the powerful and effective conveyance of law requirement, confinement, and court administrations.

We are driven by both an expert and individual promise to give the network the most significant level of administrations, reacting to its consistently evolving needs. Equity, dependability, commitment and respectability, both to the Office of the Sheriff, and the open we serve, are our exertion.

What We Do

The individuals from the Martin County Sheriff’s Department are focused on greatness in law implementation.

We are committed to the individuals, conventions and decent variety of our County.

To secure life and property, counteract wrongdoing, and lessen the dread of wrongdoing, we will furnish administration with comprehension, reaction with sympathy, execution with honesty, and law authorization with vision.

Martin County Security Center

The Martin County Security Center is a greatest security office that houses nearby, non-neighborhood, and Department of Corrections prisoners. The Sheriff and Chief Deputy have faith in restoring detainees.

  • GED Programs
  • Substance Abuse Programs
  • Literacy Programs

These important devices assist wrongdoers with turning out to be progressively beneficial individuals from society.

Inmate Visitation

Appearance for all detainees is held Saturdays and Sundays every week between the long periods of 9:00 am to 11:30 am and 12:30 pm to 5 pm. Every prisoner is allocated a limit of thirty (30) minutes out of every end of the week for appearance; this apportioned time can be as one (1) thirty-minute visit or two (2) fifteen-minute visits.

Earlier courses of action might be made with Sheriff Roush or potentially Jail Commander Brulla if a more extended time of appearance time is required for an exceptional situation. Every exceptional situation will be assessed on an individual premise.

All prisoners at the Martin County Security Center are apportioned a limit of thirty minutes on Saturdays and Sundays. This distributed time can be separated into two 15-minute visits.

Earlier courses of action might be made with the Sheriff if a more extended timeframe might be requirement for an uncommon situation.

Visitation rules

PDAs are carefully denied during appearance.

Every guest must have a substantial personal ID and be at any rate 18 years old. Anybody younger than eighteen will be joined by a lawful watchman.

Just three guests and a kid are permitted in the appearance room at some random time for a specific prisoner.

NO unattended youngsters will be permitted in the structure whenever during the visit.

NO previous prisoners will be permitted to visit until they have been out of prison for at any rate thirty (30) days or until affirmed by the Sheriff or Jail Commander.

Martin County Sheriff’s Department claims all authority to deny anybody the privilege to appearance or stop appearance whenever.

Any guest who gets troublesome, tumultuous, raucous, or injurious will be expelled from the office right away. On the off chance that an infringement of Indiana Law has happened, criminal allegations or capture may happen. The individual may likewise be kept from further appearance at the Martin County Security Center.

Cleric appearance: Inmates are permitted to have serve appearance inside our office. A serve must be pre-affirmed through the Jail Commander as well as Sheriff Roush.

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