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Martin County Jail Inmate Locator, IN

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About The Martin County Sheriff’s Office, IN

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office, located in Shoals, Indiana, is the primary law enforcement agency for Martin County. This office is responsible for maintaining public safety, enforcing laws, and providing various community services. The Sheriff’s Office plays a critical role in the local justice system by apprehending offenders, conducting investigations, and ensuring that the laws of the state of Indiana are upheld.

Sheriff Josh Greene leads the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, bringing a commitment to public safety and community engagement. Under his leadership, the office focuses on proactive law enforcement strategies to prevent crime before it happens. The Sheriff’s Office works closely with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to coordinate efforts and enhance public safety throughout the county.

Community outreach is a significant part of the Sheriff’s Office’s operations. Programs aimed at educating the public on safety issues, such as drug abuse prevention, neighborhood watch initiatives, and school safety programs, are regularly conducted. These efforts help build a strong relationship between the law enforcement agency and the community it serves.

Structure and Organization

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is structured to ensure efficient and effective law enforcement across the county. The hierarchy starts with the Sheriff at the top, followed by the Chief Deputy, who assists in managing the overall operations of the department. Various specialized divisions and units operate under their supervision, each focusing on different aspects of law enforcement and community service.

The office includes a Patrol Division responsible for general law enforcement duties, including responding to calls for service, traffic enforcement, and patrolling neighborhoods. The Investigations Division handles more complex criminal investigations, such as those involving violent crimes, narcotics, and property crimes. There is also a dedicated Corrections Division that manages the county jail, ensuring the secure and humane detention of inmates.

Support staff within the Sheriff’s Office play essential roles in administrative functions, record keeping, and communications. These positions ensure that the office runs smoothly and that deputies have the support they need to perform their duties effectively. The Matron, for instance, handles many of the daily operations related to the detention of female inmates, while the Jail Commander oversees the entire jail facility.

Services Provided

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office provides a wide range of services to ensure the safety and security of its residents. Law enforcement services include regular patrols, emergency response, criminal investigations, and traffic control. The office is also responsible for serving legal documents such as warrants, subpoenas, and civil process papers.

In addition to traditional law enforcement services, the Sheriff’s Office offers various community-oriented programs. These include educational initiatives on drug abuse prevention, self-defense classes, and programs aimed at improving road safety. The office also conducts welfare checks for vulnerable individuals and participates in community events to foster a sense of community partnership.

The Sheriff’s Office also manages the Martin County Jail, ensuring that inmates are housed in a safe and secure environment. The jail offers several rehabilitative programs aimed at reducing recidivism, such as GED classes, substance abuse treatment, and vocational training. These programs are designed to help inmates reintegrate into society successfully upon their release.


For administrative matters or general inquiries, residents can contact the Martin County Sheriff’s Office at the following address and phone number:

Martin County Sheriff’s Office Administration
318 Capital Avenue
P.O. Box 180
Shoals, IN 47581
Phone: 812-247-3726
Fax: 812-247-2226

About Martin County Security Center

The Martin County Jail, also known as the Martin County Security Center, is a maximum-security facility located in Shoals, Indiana. This facility houses local inmates, non-local inmates, and Department of Corrections detainees. It is designed to ensure the secure detention of individuals who are awaiting trial or serving short-term sentences. The jail operates under the supervision of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, with a focus on maintaining safety, security, and order.

The Martin County Jail is committed to rehabilitating inmates and helping them reintegrate into society. It offers various programs aimed at improving inmates’ education, literacy, and substance abuse issues. These programs are vital for reducing recidivism and helping inmates become productive members of society upon their release.

The facility is equipped with modern security systems to prevent escapes and ensure the safety of both inmates and staff. In addition to physical security measures, the jail staff is trained to handle various situations that may arise, ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

Jail Staff

The staff at the Martin County Jail includes a range of personnel dedicated to the facility’s smooth operation. The Jail Commander, Terry Phillips, oversees the entire facility, ensuring that all operations align with legal and safety standards. Under his command, the jail staff includes correctional officers, administrative personnel, medical staff, and support staff.

Correctional officers are responsible for maintaining order within the facility. They conduct regular headcounts, supervise inmate activities, and respond to any incidents that occur. These officers undergo extensive training to handle the unique challenges of working in a correctional environment, including conflict resolution and crisis intervention.

The administrative personnel handle the essential paperwork and logistics required to manage the inmate population effectively. This includes processing new inmates, managing inmate records, and coordinating with other law enforcement agencies. The medical staff provides necessary healthcare services to inmates, addressing both routine and emergency medical needs.

Inmate Intake

The inmate intake process at the Martin County Jail is designed to ensure the safety and security of the facility while respecting the rights of individuals being processed. When an individual is brought to the jail, they undergo a thorough booking process that includes fingerprinting, photographing, and a comprehensive search.

During intake, inmates are screened for medical and mental health issues. This initial assessment helps identify any immediate health needs and ensures that inmates receive appropriate care during their stay. Inmates are also provided with an orientation that includes information about jail rules, available programs, and their rights and responsibilities.

Personal belongings are inventoried and securely stored until the inmate’s release. Inmates are then issued standard jail clothing and assigned to a housing unit based on their classification, which considers factors such as the nature of their charges, behavior, and any special needs.

Inmate Mail and Packages Guidelines

Inmates at the Martin County Jail are allowed to receive mail and packages, subject to specific guidelines designed to ensure safety and security. All incoming mail is inspected by jail staff to prevent contraband from entering the facility. Inmates can receive letters, photos, and other approved items, but certain items, such as drugs, weapons, and explicit materials, are strictly prohibited.

Family and friends can send mail to inmates using the jail’s mailing address, clearly marking the inmate’s name and identification number. Packages are generally limited to books and magazines, which must be sent directly from a publisher or approved vendor. This policy helps ensure that only appropriate and safe materials reach inmates.

Legal correspondence between inmates and their attorneys is confidential and subject to less stringent inspection. This mail is typically opened in the presence of the inmate to ensure that it contains no contraband while maintaining attorney-client privilege.

Visitation Policy

The visitation policy at the Martin County Jail allows inmates to maintain contact with family and friends, which is crucial for their emotional well-being. Visitation is held on Saturdays and Sundays, with specific hours allocated for different inmate populations. Each inmate is allowed a maximum of 30 minutes per weekend, which can be split into two 15-minute visits.

Visitors must adhere to strict rules to ensure a safe and orderly environment. All visitors must present valid identification and be at least 18 years old, or accompanied by a legal guardian if underage. Visitors are limited to three adults and one child per visit, and no unattended children are allowed in the facility.

In addition to in-person visits, the jail offers video visitation options. Video visits allow family and friends to connect with inmates remotely, reducing the need for travel and providing more flexibility. These visits are conducted through a secure online platform, ensuring that conversations remain private and compliant with jail policies.

Inmate Call System

The Martin County Jail provides inmates with access to a phone system that allows them to make outgoing calls to family, friends, and legal representatives. Inmate calls are typically made using pre-paid phone cards or collect call options, ensuring that the cost of calls is managed by the inmates or their families.

The phone system is designed to ensure security and prevent misuse. All calls are monitored and recorded, except for privileged communications with legal representatives. This monitoring helps prevent criminal activities and ensures the safety of all parties involved.

To make a call, inmates use phones located in their housing units. They must follow specific rules regarding call times and duration to ensure fair access to phone services for all inmates. Violations of phone use policies can result in disciplinary actions, including temporary suspension of phone privileges.

Inmate Search Process

The inmate search process at the Martin County Jail allows the public to locate individuals who are currently incarcerated within the facility. This process is essential for family members, legal representatives, and other interested parties who need to find information about an inmate’s status. The search can be conducted online or offline, depending on the resources available.

Indiana Department of Correction Offender Lookup

The Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) provides an online offender lookup tool that can be used to search for inmates housed in state-run facilities, including those who may be transferred from county jails like Martin County. This tool is accessible through the IDOC’s official website. Users can search by the offender’s name, IDOC number, or other identifying information.

The IDOC offender lookup provides comprehensive details about the inmate, including their current location, projected release date, and any disciplinary actions. This tool is particularly useful for tracking inmates who have been moved to state facilities or who have been sentenced for state-level offenses.


VINELink is a national online resource that allows victims of crime to track the custody status of offenders. This service provides real-time updates on inmate status changes, such as transfers, releases, and court appearances. To use VINELink, users must register for notifications, which can be received via phone, email, or text message.

VINELink is accessible through its website or mobile app. Users can search for an inmate by name, ID number, or case number. The platform ensures that victims stay informed about the status of the offenders, providing peace of mind and enhancing personal safety.

Offline Search Ways of Locating an Inmate

For individuals who prefer or need to conduct an inmate search offline, there are several methods available. The primary method is to contact the Martin County Sheriff’s Office directly. This can be done by phone or by visiting the Sheriff’s Office in person. When making an inquiry, it is beneficial to provide as much information as possible to facilitate the search process.

Another offline method is to send a written request to the Sheriff’s Office. This request should include the inmate’s full name, date of birth, and any other identifying information. While this method may take longer due to processing times, it is an option for those who cannot access the internet or visit the office in person.

Legal representatives often have additional methods for locating inmates, such as accessing court records or working directly with law enforcement agencies. These professionals can use their resources to track the status and location of their clients effectively.

Information Available on Inmate Search

When conducting an inmate search, several types of information can be retrieved. The most basic details include the inmate’s full name, booking number, and date of birth. Additional information typically includes the charges the inmate is facing, their bond status, and their scheduled court dates.

The search results also provide details about the inmate’s housing location within the jail, their classification level, and any special conditions or restrictions. For inmates who have been sentenced, the search will reveal their release date and any parole or probation conditions.

Information about disciplinary actions, medical alerts, or special needs may also be included in the search results. This comprehensive information helps family members, legal representatives, and other interested parties stay informed about the inmate’s status and well-being.

Legal Considerations and Limitations

There are several legal considerations and limitations associated with inmate searches. Privacy laws and regulations protect certain information, meaning not all details about an inmate may be publicly accessible. For example, specific medical information and details about ongoing investigations may be restricted.

The accuracy of the information provided during an inmate search is also subject to change. Inmate statuses can change frequently due to court proceedings, transfers, or disciplinary actions. Therefore, it is important to verify the information regularly, especially if it pertains to legal matters or personal safety.

Users conducting an inmate search must also be aware of potential errors or discrepancies in the records. If any issues arise, contacting the Martin County Sheriff’s Office directly for clarification is advisable. Legal representatives can provide additional assistance and ensure that all rights and procedures are properly followed during the search process.

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